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In the process of designing a website for clients the question inevitibly arises “How do I get a good search engine ranking?”.

This is a very good point and the answer is not as clear cut as you may think.

A high search engine ranking means that your website will appear on the first page of a search engine, when someone searches for the subject of your website.

For example if you were a babysitter, then you would want to appear on the first page of results whenever someone typed in “babysitter” into their favourite website. If you sold CDs you would want to be on the first page of any search engine results whenever someone typed in “CD”.

Many search engines and marketing tools say that you need to be on the first 3 pages of search engine results, but I say that is incorrect, you need to be on the first page.

My reasoning is this: how often have you gone past the first page when you have been looking for something in a search engine? 10% of the time? Almost never? I’m the same.

If you or I don’t go past the first page, prospective customers won’t either.

There are a lot of companies that make a lot of money out of selling products that increase your search engine ranking.

Before you start to spend your hard earned cash – take a moment to read this article and determine if you and your business actually needs a high ranking in a search engine.

When someone asks me “How do I get a good search engine ranking?” my advice is to think of:

What you wish to achieve with this site

Your customer Demographic

What other marketing plans you have.

Lets go through these points one by one:

What you wish to achieve with this site

Ask yourself:

What is my product/service

Will people be searching for my product, my service or myself via a search engine?

Is a web presence all I want/need?

The key answer you are looking for is the answer to question number 2. Will people, who have never or only vagely heard about me be searching for my product or service? If the answer is no, then a high search engine ranking won’t do much for you.

If you just want a “web presence” (pretty much having a website cause you think its a good idea, but it is quite a passive part of your marketing. i.e.

You have one cause your customers expect to have one) the search engine ranking will mean nothing to you.

The aim of the site (“web presence”) is achieved – your company is present on a website!
Many companies just want/need a web presence.

The web is a great place to put their catalogues and brochures, so that a customer does not have to keep receiving mailings of the latest catalogue.

The customer can simply log on to the web and then download up to date information on your company.

This sort of website is great for general information about yourself and your company with the understanding that if a customer wanted more specific information then they would call you.

In this case a high search engine ranking is not important, beacuse your customer already know that you have a website and already know its URL.

If, however you have an online product, such as an e-book, and want to sell it online, then yes, you will need a high search engine ranking in addition to your other marketing efforts.

A high ranking will allow you to get new customers who have never heard of you before, but are interested in what your book has to say.

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